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Remove jewelry when bathing, exercising, or cleaning. Always avoid excess moisture, and remember to store your pieces properly in an airtight container when you aren't wearing them. It is normal for metal to oxidize (or change color) with time and exposure to the elements, but contact with liquid or other substances can expedite this process.


* All Mileva Testas sterling silver jewelry is solid and not plated.

* Due to its natural qualities, silver is a very durable material which lasts a lifetime. You can wear it 24/7.

* To prevent tarnishing , gently polish with a jewelry polishing cloth to bring sterling silver pieces back to their original state of lustre.

* Scratching of metal occurs after regular use. 

* In case of heavy oxidation, polish the affected areas using a silver cleaning solution.


* All Mileva Testas gold platted jewellery are all silver base. 

* Gold plated silver is considered to be of particularly high quality while at the same time being an affordable alternative to solid gold.

* It is great for occasional wear but not suggested for everyday wear as it does not stand the test of time always. Gold plating will wear in time and the silver beneath will start to shine through. How long this takes depends on the amount of wear and environment the piece is exposed to.

* Avoid contact with water, detergents or chemicals of any kind as this may tarnish the finish.

* Gently clean with mild dish soap and a soft brush but please do not polish.

* Once completely dry, store your pieces in an airtight container, such as a ziplock bag, to avoid oxidization.

If you would like your piece to be re-plated, we offer a gold plating service.


* Solid gold 9K, 14K and 18K is available on demand.

* Solid gold will not need much upkeep.

* Gold polishing or microfiber polishing cloths are great to keep luster and sparkle.

Discussion in metal choices are always welcomed. Get in touch via email at


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